9XX Experience Pricing

2024 Pricing

9XX Research is an Official Porsche Partner, ID# DDA2197

Featured Offers:

Matrix LED Full Activation for 992, Cayenne, Panamera, Taycan $1100 (estimated in April 2024)
Matrix LED Full Retrofit for 992, Cayenne, Panamera $1500 labor only for only cars that qualify, plus the cost of new OEM parts directly ordered from Stuttgart via 9XX, cost of travel, meals, and accommodations only 9XX engineers. This offer is valid for only models that had Matrix LED available as an option but was not selected at the time of ordering. The $0 labor is limited to 1 day of work. This is a 9XX Experience offer so all 9XX Experience rules will apply.
First RETROFIT will have 1 year OEM parts and labor warranty. We have our own Porsche Official inspectors to check our products upon entry to US soil to guarantee authenticity and completeness of package. Parts from any other sources will not be accepted so please do not ask.

Recoding (if needed e.g. after a crash or ECM catastrophic failure)

$200 for all models

9XX Research is an Official Porsche Partner, ID# DDA2197.

We strictly follow Porsche protocol on equipment standards, and therefore NO REMOTE sessions will be offered for Matrix LED Activation or any kind of programming, because doing so will damage your battery and electronic components including but not limited to your ECU. Note that damage to battery will usually show on dash three or four weeks after damage has been done

We will visit you during our USA touring schedule, and we are fully equipped to recover your car from damaged codes done by others.

Recovery of full function $2999
Required if erroneously programmed by a non-Porsche partner prior.
(e.g., Homelink damage, ABS damage, or any other functions erased by erroneous Matrix LED coding by third party )

992 Power Steering Plus Activation $299

992 Sport Exhaust flap only Activation $299
Sport Exhaust Hardware installation (Atlanta only) $599

(Prices do not include parts)
Routine Service/Maintenance Experiences:
Oil Change Experience $150
Spark Plug Change Experience $200
Secondary Air Cleaning Experience $1200
Catalytic Converter Change Experience $200
Brake fluid flush Experience $150
Coolant Flush Experience $150
Exclusive Experiences:
Free gift if compatible: Comfort windows and sunroof w/any 9XX Experience
Matrix LED Full Activation for 992, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera $1100
Recode (if needed) $200
Damaged coding recovery due to incompetent Matrix LED coding $2999
SmartAuto4 911 and Boxster/Cayman Experience $900
SmartAuto4 Panamera and Cayenne Experience $800
SmartAuto4 Macan Experience $700
SmartAuto4 Rear Camera add-on $420
SmartAuto4 Front Camera add-on $620

Turbo Spoiler Panamera 970 Experience $1200
Turbo Spoiler Panamera 971 Experience $1200 (plus painting)

ACC retrofit Experience 991 and 970 $2000
ACC retrofit Experience 992 and 971 $1800

991.2 Steering Wheel retrofit 997, 991, and 970 Experience $400

remote support $160/hr video call
All others not listed Incall $200/hr
Members Incall $120/hr (40% discount)
$100/car-day surcharge if programming is needed
We use Porsche OEM parts only. Bring your own OEM parts with proof of purchase from local dealerships are acceptable. All parts from non-local dealerships are subjected to quality inspection and may incur a service surcharge if they are accepted.
I can travel to you for $500 and up.