Porsche and Tea

We are moving our 9XX Coffee Meet to May 8 due to conflicting schedules with Peachstate PCA. We are turning this into a joint event.

Dear friends,

I know some of you are not from Atlanta, but I will include you in the communication anyway just in case you happen to be nearby at the time. 

For those of you who are from out of town or overseas and won't be able to come, just RSVP and you will get a $50 discount code good for any 9XX SmartAuto products, including AppleCarPlay+Android Auto activation onPCM 3.X, PCM4, and pre-ordering of adding Android Auto for PCM5. If you don't respond you will not get the discount code. 

You are invited to our second 9XX Coffee Meet at 

Unbelibubble Tea House 
3865 Venture Dr., Suite A, Duluth, GA 30096

on May 8, 2021 from 9am to 11am

Unbelibubble serves exceptional drip coffee and the highest quality bubble tea in town. Please visit https://unbelibubble.com/ for details.

We welcome all PCA members, 9XX Research customers, and friends and family, but as usual, please arrive in your lovely Porsche if possible. I am very interested in seeing how everyone is doing with the modifications I have made to your Porsches and hear about how you have enjoyed them. In addition, I will be setting up appointments for those who want, but have not yet received my free comfort windows package (a $300 value option that no one else can offer in the U.S.), and also your 9XX Research dash plaque and certificate signed by me for products that I installed with you since 2017. Do not worry if you are not in town. You can just email me to get on my list and you will receive it the next time I travel to your city.

All of those who shows up will also receive:
$50 discount code for all 9XX SmartAuto products, including AppleCarPlay+Android Auto activation on PCM4, and pre-ordering of adding Android Auto for PCM5.
20% discount from Unbelibubble, who serves the highest quality bubble tea and coffee in town
10% discount from SH Spicy Garden and Yes Formosa, serving the best authentic Chinese meals in town

Please feel free to bring family and friends who share our passion about Porsche vehicles. Although a large number of us have received the vaccination, we continue to ask that to protect yourself and your loved ones during this Covid season, please continue to use facemask and practice social distancing as recommended by CDC. 

I am looking forward to seeing you on May 8.May 8 9am at Unbelibubble

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  • Anthony T Wong

    We had about 50 cars showed up, thanks to PCA’s participation. Four 9XX modified showed up. We had a great time. Looking forward to our next Porsche and Tea.

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