22 hours round-trip.

Panamera 971 Turbo Spoiler Retrofit

Driving it is only half the fun

There is so much more than meets the eye. Porsche's wonderful engineers have spent an above average amount of time to design these vehicles. After taking my own Panamera apart, I completely understand why Porsche factory vehicles won endurance races more than any other manufacturers.

9XX Exclusive Experience

A whole new way to experience the Porsche vehicle ownership

So what is 9XX Exclusive Experience

9XX Exclusive Experience is the exclusive way we perform an installation on your Porsche vehicle. One of our highly trained engineers will perform the installation with you. You, the owner, will be the exclusive assistant for the entire duration.

The Joy of Working on

Your own Porsche

is way beyond your imagination. Are you ready to take your ownership experience to a whole new level?

From our customers


I played with the system for a long time last night. It all works so well. I love it. Thank you again for everything. I'm very lucky to have met you and for us to have the experience together. It was great 9XX experience!!

Jerry Knowles
Raleigh, NC

I am very happy with the installation experience.

Richard St. Louis

Inexperienced, no problem.

You are in good hands!

Thanks to Porsche, 9XX Research has been granted access to the Porsche Private Network . So before we start working on your precious Porsche vehicle, we are able to prepare ourselves with equipment,  assembly and tooling information so that we will be able to perform all work with absolute perfection.

Can I do some of the work?

Yes! During the installation, you will witness first hand how to disassemble and reassemble your Porsche vehicle based on the official Porsche Workshop Manual prepared exclusively based on the VIN. If you want to get more involved, we will provide hands on instructions, along with all the special and hard to find tools as prescribed in the manual. We take pride when you know more about your fine Porsche vehicle.

9XX Exclusive Experience

Intense but not overwhelming

We will work with you the entire duration of the project. You will be actively assessed by the engineer in charge and will be allowed to perform only tasks that can be safely performed by you.

Rules of engagement

There are a few rules we do strictly enforce in all 9XX Exclusive Experience Engagements:

1. All 9XX Experience begin with a free initial consultation (video call) in which we begin the planning of the installation. Video calls can be conducted via Google Meet, Facetime, WhatsApp, or any other open apps. During the planning phase, we request that you actively provide input in the design of the solution. During the execution phase, the engineer in charge will request for input when needed, but he will be responsible for making the final decision.

2. Owner participation is encouraged, but not required, especially when owner is concerned about his/her own ability to perform certain tasks. Owner is required to assist with the installation with some basic tasks (e.g. holding a part while engineer works on another).

3. All safety protocols recommended by any tools, equipment, facilities, or procedures used during the engagement must be strictly followed. Any violation of safety rules may result in immediate cancellation of engagement contract without refund. If the engineer in charge believes that the tools, equipment, facilities, or procedures cannot provide adequate level of safety he/she deems necessary, the engagement may be modified, postponed, or cancelled.

4. Full payment is due at the time of schedule confirmation. Failure to make full payment may result in cancellation of appointment.

5. For appointments at a 9XX Research facilities, if for any reason you are not able to make the appointment, please call the engineer assigned as soon as possible to arrange for rescheduling.

6. For appointments during a tour or outside of a 9XX Research location, appointments may not be cancelled or rescheduled due to scheduling limitations. A failure-to-show may result in forfeiture of all payments and merchandise, which may include parts and tools purchased, and rental cost of equipment or facilities. Please contact your engineer as soon as possible to minimize impact.

7. My first impression of your vehicle greatly affects how I perceive the level of detail needs to be when I the installation is considered complete. Please show me the best side of your Porsche when we first meet in person.

8. We do not compete with Porsche Service Centers, so if your car has any outstanding repair or campaigns, please be sure to get that taken care of at your nearest Porsche Service Center. We strongly recommend Porsche Service Centers because they always send their technicians to genuine Porsche training, and they always use genuine Porsche parts and tools, which are tested and proven like no other substitutes.

9. Engagement duration will start at the agreed scheduled time, and end when the installation is completed. Completion is defined as the state when engineer in charge deems that the job is completed at 100% perfection. Estimated time of engagement can be used for reference only, and will never be used as a measurement criteria of job completion.

10. In the situation where an installation takes more than 8 hours, the engineer in charge may approve a multi-day engagement upon request by the owner. In any circumstances, the decision to approve will be greatly affected by safety.