Adding CarPlay/Android Auto to PCM3.1

Date: 2018.07.21
Updated: 2020.08.02

Map update on the PCM3.1 was the biggest complain for a long time. The last time I checked, dealership wanted $300-ish for a 2016 edition map, which was two years old at the time. I waited another year and they still offered only 2016 edition. Needless to say, I put the update in my own hands, again.

I found four different CarPlay/Android Auto boxes, and here is the one that won my heart.

It will not only automatically connect to your iPhone or Android, running CarPlay or Android Auto, but can also be used for running Google Maps, Waze, Spotify so that you can perform these functions on your phone hands free.


This unit as offered by the manufacturer is near perfect, but has a few minor compatibility issues with North America. It was okay to most people I guess, but to me, everything needs to look and feel factory.


After a few months of research, including an extended trip to interview with three manufacturers in China, and countless times of removing and changing up my connections, I have come up with perfect solutions for all these problems, and I am now offering exclusive UniChip package for North America use, which comes with all the 9XX Research exclusive parts and up to 3 hours of remote installation support. If you have already purchased this unit elsewhere, I do offer remote support to upgrade it to a 9XX Research version at $150, which comes with the upgrade kit and up to one hour of remote support. Additional hours can be purchased at $100/hr. If you live in Atlanta, I have two shops that can install this for you at reasonable negotiated price of $600-900 depending on how fancy you would like the USB location.

Update 2020.08.02 :
The offer above is for version 1 which is no longer available since December of 2018. Currently I am offering only version 4. It now supports wireless CarPlay, AirPlay and Android Screen Mirroring, USB video and audio using MP3 and MP4 formats. Since it is fundamentally different from the regular UniChip product, (e.g., it will not require the drill thru hole like as shown in the picture above), I will not be able to offer upgrade kits or any kind of support for non-9XX Research units.


I love it so much I installed it in my friend’s 991. We also added a separate backup camera and connected to it. Running the backup camera cable was very time consuming on the 991, but extremely worthy. The tracking lines move in sync with turning of steering wheel. The result is very rewarding.

My choice of USB location for 991 and 718.

My choice of USB location for 991 and 718.

For a Porsche, I only want to see elegance from every angle. This is why I can only accept so-called “fancy” installations. Please check out the growing list of pictures below to get an idea of the definition of “fancy” installations. According to some installers, these are not necessary and too fancy. To me, this this bare minimum level of acceptance. I will add more pictures and videos soon.

Feel free to ask questions.

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